Professional References

Please do your "research" on us by checking our references. People who work in the wedding industry (banquet facility owners/managers, photographers, videographers, etc.) have the opportunity to work with different DJs every weekend. They are a great judge of DJ talent because they have worked with so many; they know who the good DJ companies are. Use this "FREE" screening resource to check on the quality of the DJ service that DJ & Music,  by John Frasson and Associates, provides.

Banquet Facilities

Orlando Familia Banquet Center
Orlando Website
Manager: Mary DeMarti
Phone: (734) 479-4800

Park Place
Park Place Website
Owner: Gary Kuhlman
Phone: (734) 274-4499

Stone Creek Banquet Center
Stone Creek Website
Manager: Tammy Dohring
Phone: (734) 379-1453

Arnaldo's Banquet Center
Arnaldo's Website
Owners: Mario and John Fracassa
Phone: (734) 282-2198

Grecian Center
Grecian Center Website
Manager: Chelsea Crawford
Phone: (734) 282-5700


Chair Covers and Linens

Beautiful Beginnings by Audra
Beautiful Beginnings Website
Owner: Audra
Phone: (313) 388-8706


Say It With Flowers
Say It With Flowers Website
Owner: Stan Gryguc
Phone: (313) 383-5222


Ronald Ponkey Photography
Ronald Ponkey Website
Owner: Ronal Ponkey
Phone: (313) 531-3551

Picture Perfect Photography
Picture Perfect Website
Owner: Mary Rosecran
Phone: (734) 282-5163


Professional Touch Video
Owner: Patrick Morrow
Phone: (313) 770-9085

Bride to Be Video
Bride to Be Website
Owner: Brian Sexton
PhoneL (734) 735-4829

Curt's Video
Curt's Website
Owner: Curt Biro
Phone: (734) 675-2893

Customer References

Shortly after every event that we entertain at, we ask our customers to complete a "Customer Satisfaction Survey," so that we can make sure that we are delivering the high quality DJ entertainment that we promise, and to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the DJ we provided. All of our past customers listed below have used our DJ service recently, and have given us permission to give out their email address, so that perspective customers of ours (people like you) can contact them to ask how DJ & Music performed for them.

Past Customers

Kristen Johnson:

Cindy Lemire:

Victoria Mendoza:

James Smith:

Lyndsay Vella:

Jessica Bean:

Amy Bondy:

Traci Crank:

Flora Crapko:

Holly Hamilton:

Gerorge Hanrahan: